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Basic chatbot creation for Small Businesses


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  • Q/A & FAQ Bot: The bot is designed to answer queries related to one specific business area or field. This ensures precise and efficient responses.
  • Reservation/Appointment Bot: Enables your business to automate the booking process, suitable for restaurants, beauty salons, clinics, and other appointment-based businesses.
  • Documentation Memory: Your bot will be equipped with knowledge specific to your business. Given the target audience (small businesses), there’s a documentation size limit to ensure swift and efficient performance. [Specify the size, e.g., « up to 100 pages or 50 MB »]
  • Platform Integration: Whether it’s a website or a mobile application, our chatbot can be integrated seamlessly. If you don’t have a mobile app yet, our team can assist in creating one tailored for your business, ensuring a smooth bot integration.


  1. Q/A & FAQ Bot:
    • Description: Designed to answer queries in one specific field or business area.
    • Cost: CHF 1,500
  2. Reservation/Appointment Bot:
    • Description: Automated booking for appointment-based businesses.
    • Cost: CHF 1,000
  3. Documentation Memory:
    • Description: Bot integration with business-specific knowledge (up to 100 pages).
    • Cost: CHF 700
  4. Platform Integration:
    • Description: Seamlessly integrate the bot into websites or mobile applications.
    • Cost: CHF 500
  5. Mobile App Creation (Optional):
    • Description: If you need a new mobile application for your business, our team can create one tailor-made for bot integration.
    • Cost: Starting at CHF 5,000 (varies based on complexity)

Total Basic Package (Excluding Mobile App): CHF 3,700


Duration: Depending on the complexity, it might take 2-4 weeks to develop, test, and deploy the chatbot, and additional time if you opt for mobile app creation.


Support: We offer a month of free support post-deployment to address any issues or questions from the business.


Data Protection and Privacy: Our chatbot operates in strict adherence to premier privacy standards and is fully compliant with GDPR regulations, ensuring the secure and responsible management of your customers’ data.


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