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Comprehensive AI Business Training


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Training Content:

  • Access to a premium digital learning platform containing video lessons and tutorials on AI essentials.
  • Introduction to AI, with a specific focus on GPT prompt crafting.
  • Hands-on exercises for direct engagement with AI models.
  • Sector-specific scenarios tailored to various industries.
  • One live virtual workshop with a Helvetiai AI specialist.
  • Interactive digital guidebook that acts as a manual with step-by-step guides and real-world exercises.
  • Sessions on integrating AI into business strategies with insights into the future of AI in business.

Pricing Model:

  • Start-ups/Small Businesses (up to 10 individuals): CHF 1,200 per individual.
  • Medium-sized Businesses (11 to 50 individuals): CHF 1,100 per individual.
  • Large Enterprises (51+ individuals): CHF 1,000 per individual.

Additional Features for Larger Enterprises:

  • One-on-one consultation sessions for strategy integration for every 10 participants.
  • Access to post-training support from a Helvetiai expert for any queries or guidance for a month.
  • Exclusive networking opportunities to connect with other large-scale businesses and share AI insights.


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